Meet the needs of audiences all over the world. Host a wide range of conferences virtually online, and allow participants to interact and communicate with each other easily.

Why should you choose Elite in your next Virtual Conference?

Unique and unforgettable virtual experiences Elite Virtual Provides Unique and unforgettable virtual conference experiences, allows you to communicate with audiences all over the world, provide the necessary information and answer questions during the conference smoothly.

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Virtual Conference Features

Our virtual conferences are specially designed to impress and distinguish the attendees, unlike traditional conferences. Top Features of the Elite Virtual Conference Here are the features that make your conferences attractive and impressive

7/24 Support

A full support team is in place to resolve any technical issue there is a possibility; our task is to get your event going well and to get off to a great finish.

Fully Branded

Fully Branded work depending on our main BRAND. We show your brand very well, for example, you can control the link to the event itself, by controlling all the elements of your event, allowing you to easily form your identity & your sponsor image.

Online Payment Solution

The process of registering participants is simple and many payment options are available online, making the customer move faster and easier.

Unlimited visitor

We have very strong servers that can hold an unlimited visitor, and we provide all technical solutions to create an immersive experience between visitors and organizers

Ticketing & registration System

In Elite, we make it easy for you to register for the virtual event and enable you to book tickets online easily.

Mobile application

We add value to your audience by experiencing the Elite Virtual Event App, which enables them to interact with your virtual event

Speaker Management and Technical Training

Through the virtual conference service, scientific programs and speakers can be managed effectively, in addition to providing ongoing training and support

Track Data and Feedback

Tracking event performance will help improve future events and increase their success rate, by knowing the opinions of attendees and actual activity data, you will be able to avoid problems and address them immediately in the future

Customize Virtual Booths

Offer attractive booths to sponsors and exhibitors and display your business offers to reach potential customers, increase sales and financial return, and start nurturing your customers through chat rooms and meetings

Engage Your Attendees

Deliver impressive interactive sessions through Q&A sessions, polls and live chats that stimulate and encourage audience participation by creating a suitable environment for them.

Support All Devices

ELITE supports understanding templates so you can rest assured that your attendees will hold up even when they’re on the move via any mobile or tablet device.

Networking Opportunities

We enable participants to communicate with each other and with the organizers through different chatting tools and they can also expand the scope of participation by finding new participants.

Flexible Presentation Options

Host live, pre-recorded sessions that can be accessed on demand, and can be easily managed and referenced at any time for audiences to see and interact with from anywhere in the world

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