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Host your next event, connect with your audience, and go global
We offer comprehensive support for your online and hybrid events

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Launch your next
Virtual Event

Host your next event, connect with your audience, and go global We offer comprehensive support for your online and hybrid events

Hybrid Event

Hybrid events are a mixture between the physical and virtual event to have an event that includes the advantages of both, as it allows large numbers to participate regardless of where they are, and is characterized by providing a distinctive virtual environment and facilitating communication between participants, in addition to the ability to easily and accurately measure the success of the event

Virtual Webinars & meetings

Create the perfect event from scratch, an easy and stress-free event you can manage with flexible modes, interactive features, and in-depth analytics to expand your business and audience

Virtual Exhibition

Build your presence in the market by setting up virtual exhibitions that facilitate the marketing process by displaying your products with the best customized display technology

Virtual Conference & Workshop

Elite Virtual makes hosting virtual speakers and visitors easy, allowing them to participate in Q&A, conduct polls and share media content through the virtual workshop

Virtual Educational Event

Take part in cross-border idea exchange and networking platform , and Gain valuable insights into the trends in education, teaching, and learning thru our rich communications and interaction tools with speakers

Virtual Medical Event

Connect with your attendees , explore health Showcases, scientific programs, all in fully branded experience to gather all the health and medical field on one platform

Virtual Trade Shows

Whatever the size of your business you can grow without limits, using the latest artificial intelligence technologies, you can engage the audience with amazing trade shows

Virtual Internal Event

Elite's virtual internal events program supports employee engagement, through workshops and webinars to enhance internal company communications, and improve employee collaboration

Virtual Conference

Host a successful virtual conference that allows you to connect with the audience and build valuable relationships, using the latest technologies such as chat tools, 3D halls, etc

Virtual Annual Meeting

From now on, there is no need for travel in order to hold annual meetings, you can do it online using the latest convenient and high quality technology.

Virtual Product Launch

Present your new product in a more creative and innovative way, through a smarter virtual event and using effective tools free of potential risks.

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  • Medical Service MOI
  • Ministry Of Sport
  • Saudi Pharmaceutical Society
  • Ministry of Communications and information technology
  • Monshaat
The Annual meeting of SPS 2022
Saudi International Pharmaceutical Science Meeting & Workshops
Medical Service MOI
Health Security In Hajj 2021
Health Security in Hajj Symposium - 1442 Under the patronage of His Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Interior
Saudi Pharmaceutical Society
SIPHA 2021
Saudi International Pharmaceutical Sciences Meeting and Workshops (SIPHA) is a project aimed at bringing experts and those interested in the field of pharmacy together for sharing and improving pharmaceutical and health-related practices.
Interactive Franchise Market
A virtual event that brings both trademark owners and entrepreneurs together to obtain a commercial franchise opportunity with the participation of government, financing.

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360 environments
Live Streaming
Customizable 3D design
Unlimited visitors
Customizable registration system
Live Event Integration
Chroma key
Live Reports and Statistics

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