Elite Features

Elite virtual the best platform for virtual events that offers integrated solutions for holding conferences and exhibitions in one place with professional features and an attractive appearance that serves your brand and achieves your business goals

Live Streaming

Expand your reach by broadcasting your virtual event directly to your target audience via social media platforms and chatting with them easily

360 technology

Get ready to attend meetings virtually as if you were present in person, you will be able to interact with the attendees as if you were present with them in reality

3D Environment

We combine quality and efficiency together to feel the realism of your events, through the latest technology that enables the visitor to move similarly to reality

Chroma Key Setup

A stunning virtual event studio experience using audiovisual effects, post-production techniques and video streaming

Mobile application

We add value to your audience by experiencing the Elite Virtual Event App, which enables them to interact with your virtual event using: Elite Virtual App Your Custom Branded Own App

    • Elite Virtual App
    • Your Custom Branded Own App

Q&A, Polls

We create opportunities for attendees to interact and engage with content and other guests, to get their attention to the event

Voice, Text & video chat

We give participants a unique interactive experience using text and voice chat tools that allow them to interact with each other and with the event organizers

Ticketing & registration System

In Elite, we make it easy for you to register for the virtual event and enable you to book tickets and have your own custom registration page/information online easily.

Fully Branded

We display your brand in a professional look that suits you, we control all the elements and provide you with all the tools that serve you, and we promote your event through social media.

Attendees Networking

Efficiently exchange personal cards and communicate globally with attendees, to expand your network and strengthen relationships

7/24 Support

We handle any technical issue professionally; we depend on a cybersecurity indicator system that allows us to link to another server in case the site malfunctions or slows down.

Support All Devices

All the templates you need that make it easy for users to navigate during the virtual event via any mobile or tablet device.

High Quality-Analytics

Get real results and a realistic view of your hybrid and virtual event, with a very high analysis, Digital details, numbers and statistics can help you in future events.

Online Payment Solution

The process of registering participants is simple and many payment options are available online, making the customer move faster and easier.

Unlimited visitor

We have very strong servers that can hold an unlimited visitor, and we provide all technical solutions to create an immersive experience between visitors and organizers

Start your virtual journey

Book a meeting with our virtual event experts and we'll show you how our platform can help you succeed in your virtual event goals.

Packages starts from $10,000 .