Virtual Exhibitions

Exhibitions are loaded with features that your visitors can interact with. You can host images, brochures, datasheets, and play videos to bring your booth to life, YES... TO LIFE

Your exhibitor doesn't need to be boring! Access a whole assortment of ready-made templates and choose the one that fits best or go for something completely custom-made

What makes the virtual event experience so special? Exhibitions representatives can engage with visitors via text chat in real-time

Online digital exhibitions are recounted as crucial complementary opposite numbers to bodily exhibitions. It overcomes space, time, and region regulations and lets in worldwide traffic to get right of entry to those valuable and interesting treasures which can be saved in museums, information, and different establishments. 

Well-built VEs can provide opportunity studies to the "actual thing" and open up different possibilities that consist of learning, greater content material past bodily exhibits, lively participation and contribution with the aid of using traffic thru boards and upload, on-line shopping, and others

A Web-primarily based totally hypermedia series of captured or rendered multi-dimensional statistics objects, probably saved in dispensed networks, designed around a particular theme, subject matter concept, or idea, and harnessed with state-of-artwork era and structure to supply a user-targeted and tasty revel in of discovery, learning, contributing, and being entertained thru the character of its dynamic product and provider offerings.

Our Exhibitions features

Sell your products through our virtual exhibitions in a heavy crowd

Voice Chat

Direct and live interaction between the event organizers

Live Streaming

Live streaming in a professional way inside dedicated halls

Unlimited Visitors

Reaching a large number of visitors with the possibility of expansion

High Quality-Analytics

View Data On Sign Ups, Attendees And Engagement shows

Support All Devices

iOS, Android and web ready Event Platform

24/7 Support

Our support team is always available and ready to help you

3D Environments

3D Reception / Booths enable the visitor to move similar to reality

Online Payment Solution

Simple and reliable payment solution with multiple payment options

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