Direct and live interaction between the event organizers

Enjoy professional live streaming in rooms dedicated to your event, whether it is an exhibition, conference, workshops - live streaming is essential to the nature of our business so we always make sure it is delivered at its best.
We have a team that coordinates, modifies, and instantly translate videos of the events themselves, and can stream your event through more than one social media platform, not only on our website, as well as capture, cut, and format the event to what suitable for you!

An infinite number of visitors can attend the event we deliver to you, and we have very strong servers that can hold unlimited visitors, also we depend on a cyber security indicator system that allows us to link to another server in case if the site malfunctions or slows down.

Digital detailed reports can be produced on the event attendees, as well as numbers from the event's outcome, advertising and marketing, all of the numbers and statistics for the event can be viewed.

Our exhibitions and conferences work on all computers, mobile phones, and tablets without any problems.


A full support team is in place to resolve any technical issue there is a possibility; our task is to get your event going well and to get off to a great finish!

We have the booths, halls, workshops, an imaginary environment that enables the visitor to move similarly to reality, with Elite in our 3D environment making reality closer to reality.

Too many payment options make the customer move easily, there's more than one way to pay, we offer you a direct electronic payment system without depending on middlemen, through purchase card or payment applications such as MADA, STC Pay, Visa, and Master Card.