About us
About us

In our Elite organization, we organize various types of local and international events, for example, Conferences, festivals, exhibitions, and forums for which we have a touch to increase esthetics and innovation.

Our services include event management marketing, company events, technology solutions, and organized crowd management.


Our mission in short words is to keep up with technology, develop and make a qualitative leap in the organization of events and make them virtual, saving time, effort and money to customers.




We are the pioneers in the field of virtual events in the Arab world and the Middle East for our successful experience and past work.


With us you are in a high place, we are moving at a steady pace in keeping with technology, and now we are pioneers in the virtual Events, you can now submit your even at your home with ELITE VIRTUAL!
  • Technical Support Team
  • Programming team

Technical Support Team

Unsleeping technical support team to help customers and provide excellent service to help the event get out at its best.



Technical Support Team
Programming team

Programming team

A selection of the best programmers working at the foot of Deliver excellent customer service.


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